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Happy Days........

ooops..... I forgot.

Day 4 (Dec. 3):
I am happy that I was able to eat real food (sandwich) and not get sick.
I am happy that I got to talk to a student for a while and the teachers let us talk.
I am happy that I had time to talk to one of the teachers while everyone else was at the staff meeting.

Day 5 (Dec. 4):
I am happy that my students are adorable. And idiots.... but let's focus on the adorable part.
I'm happy that my co-workers are great people (who sometimes give me stuff, but also remember to ask about me).

Day 6 (Dec. 5):
I am happy that the bad school wasn't as bad as they can be.
I am happy that if I stay next year I won't have to go to the bad school.
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